The Rights and Advice Centre at UCLU is on hand to help you with any difficulties you might experience while you’re a student at UCL. Our service covers the full range of issues from housing to housemate disagreements, from immigration to employment.

Our advisors can check your contract before you sign or, once you’ve moved in, help you sort out a persistent problem with a landlord. For example, if a landlord ignores your requests for a necessary repair, you may find they spring into action when Students’ Union UCL gets involved. More generally though, we find students can have trouble with Council Tax. While students are usually exempt, the situation can become more complex if you’re graduating or share a property with non-students.

Perhaps the most important message is how students can support each other. For many students, this may be their first time living independently, sometimes far from home. It’s tough being a student. So, in your new home, try to look out for each other. If one of your housemates seems down, stuck in a rut or is spending a lot of time alone in their room, why not reach out? Maybe one day, someone will do the same for you.

Know where you can find support

  1. Know where your nearest hospital is.
  2. Use Students’ Union UCL rights and advice centre.
  3. If you’re the victim of a crime report it to the police.

Rights and Advice Centre

  1. Advice on everything from contracts to leaky taps.
  2. Totally confidential.
  3. Super easy and convenient to use.

Help with money worries

  1. Make a budget (and stick to it).
  2. Get advice and support if you need it.
  3. If you fall on hard times, the UCL hardship fund is there if you need it.