Some students like to travel light. Some find that they’ve amassed a vast amount of ‘stuff’ – from books to bedding, from woks to winter woolies.

If that sounds like you, you will probably find yourself thinking ‘What shall I do with all this stuff in between halls and finding a new place to stay?’ Taking your belongings home can be impractical as well as costly. One simple answer is a moving and storage service such as Lovespace – UCL’s preferred provider for storage and removals. Offering a complete ‘by-the-box’ service, Lovespace will collect your stuff from halls, store it for as long as you need, and then deliver everything to your new address when you’re ready. You can even buy your boxes, bubble-wrap and parcel tape from them.

Advice from UCL students

  1. Make sure your landlord has the correct licence for the number of people living in a property.
  2. Go through your inventory.
  3. If your property is unfurnished make sure you know where you’re getting furniture from.

The smart way to pack, store and move

  1. Only pay for what you actually store.
  2. Collect and deliver with just a day’s notice.
  3. Get any packing materials you need off the website.